Walk Like A Man by Field Thigpen

We are excited about the release of Field Thigpen's first book, Walk Like A Man. It is a six-week devotional aimed at men and spiritual development. Scroll below to check out the front and back covers, the title pages and the table of contents, and read an excerpt of the first day's devotional. The book [...]

Why Study Theology?

Theology is your collected thoughts about who God is and what God is up to. If you are reading this essay, you probably have a few thoughts about God. You are already a theologian. Your theology is made up of your knowledge, opinions, and understanding of several topics. These topics are often called doctrines. Do [...]

Why Study the Bible?

People read the Bible for various reasons. Some study the Bible for academic reasons related to Ancient Near-Eastern religions. Others see the Bible as a history book of Israel. Some readers study the Bible for positive maxims about life. Still others read the Bible devotionally to learn more about God. We study the Bible because [...]

Book Spotlight: Walk Like A Man

College and Clayton Press is pleased to announce the upcoming release of Walk Like A Man: A Path Toward Spiritual Maturity by Field Thigpen, a six-week devotional book for men. Look for it in November of 2019. Field draws upon his ministry experience counseling and mentoring others to speak to the heart of men’s uncertainties about identity, [...]

Author Spotlight: Field Thigpen

We are proud to present one of our new authors: Field Thigpen. Field Thigpen has twenty years of ministry experience having served in various settings as a youth minister, associate pastor, and senior pastor. Thigpen has served as the Pastor of Memorial Baptist Church in his hometown of Bogalusa, LA since 2011. Thigpen is presently [...]