Book Spotlight: Walk Like A Man

College and Clayton Press is pleased to announce the upcoming release of Walk Like A Man: A Path Toward Spiritual Maturity by Field Thigpen, a six-week devotional book for men. Look for it in November of 2019.

Field draws upon his ministry experience counseling and mentoring others to speak to the heart of men’s uncertainties about identity, leading, and serving others. This book is not simply for young Christians seeking to mature in their faith. Thigpen writes for people who have lived, suffered, and lost. Walk Like A Man pushes the reader to continue maturing spiritually despite setbacks. Thigpen speaks to people in broken circumstances and points them towards God’s desire to restore peace in the midst of trials.

An excerpt from the preface:

After being in ministry for over 15 years, I have grown weary of chaos and destruction in men’s lives. Divorce, substance abuse, depression, and general instability have wreaked havoc on people I love. While wading into these waters with others, I have noticed two trends. First, men tend to be active in pursuing the things they desire but are passive about spiritual matters. Spirituality may feel like a squishy emotionalism which makes men uncomfortable, leaving spiritual matters to the ladies instead. The result is an epidemic of spiritual weakness. Second, men have a tendency to want to fix broken things. Whatever problems arise, guys want step-by-step actions they can take to fix it. The problem is that sometimes it is not a situation that needs to be fixed, but we ourselves who need to be fixed. This work is not about fixing men, but providing a guide for men to be transformed by the power of God. In Walk Like A Man, I attempt to show men that spirituality is not something to be tucked away in a lady’s purse, but is a calling to become who we are created to be.