The Contextualizing Ministry Series

The American church is a beautiful diverse cultural landscape just like John pictured in Revelation 7. With dozens of contributors the Contextualizing Ministry series will become an invaluable resource for American Christian individuals and institutions who desire exposure to diverse aspects of American Christianity. Each volume presents six views on each subject (African America, Hispanic, Asian, Native American, Deaf, Caucasian) helping provide exposure to diverse contextualizations, much like missiology texts. The authors are scholars, pastors, and most notably representatives of the respective culture.

The Contextualizing Ministry series has the express goal of encouraging unity within the church. To pursue unity, the Contextualizing Ministry series has two key objectives to reach this goal: 1) Build Respectful Understanding of Diverse Ministry Contexts within the Church. 2) Encourage Unity within the Church by Celebrating the Gospel which Connects all Believers in Christ.

Whether you are a student, pastor, or layperson, these volumes will help you understand your fellow Christian in various contexts.

Contextualizing Preaching

In this volume, contributors discuss the role of preaching in their unique contexts, the impact of preaching in corporate worship, the impact of the Gospel in diverse contexts, the future of preaching in their contexts, and much more.

  1. Preaching in the Native American Context
    Curtis Ivanoff (MACM, North Park Theological Seminary) is the Alaska Superintendent of the Evangelical Covenant Church.
  2. Preaching in the African American Context
    Ken Lewis (PhD, Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary) is Director of Information Technology; and Assistant Professor of Practical Theology, New Testament, and Church History at Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary.
  3. Preaching in the Asian American Context
    Daniel Wong (DMin, Trinity International University) is Associate Professor of Christian Ministries, Director, University College Modular Programs at Tyndall Seminary.
  4. Preaching in the Hispanic American Context
    Oscar Merlo (PhD, Fuller- in progress) is director of the Center for the Study of the Work and Ministry of the Holy Spirit Today at BIOLA University.
  5. Preaching in the Deaf American Context
    Ryan Sims (Master from Lamar University in Deaf Studies Deaf Education) is the Director of Deaf Community Relations at the Deaf Bible Society and the Deaf Ministry pastor of FBC Dallas.
  6. Preaching in the Caucasian American Context
    Adam Hughes (PhD, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary) is Assistant professor of Expository Preaching, Division director of Pastoral Ministries, and the Director of the Adrian Rogers Center for Expository Preaching at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary.
  7. Preaching in the Multiethnic American Context
    Mario Melendez (PhD, New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary) is Assistant Professor of Old Testament and Biblical Studies and Auguie Henry chair at Oklahoma Baptist University. Mario has served in Asian, Hispanic, and English churches prior to joining the faculty of Oklahoma Baptist University.

Contextualizing Worship

Join our contributors in conversations about the focus, style, and elements of corporate worship.

Contextualizing Ecclesiology

Join our contributors in conversations about church polity and discipleship.

Contextualizing Pastoral Counseling

Join our contributors in conversations about counseling in seasons of celebration and suffering.

Contextualizing Theology

Join our contributors in conversations about categorizing our thoughts about the Triune God, Salvation, Scripture, and the Church.

Contextualizing Church History

Join our contributors in conversations about key figures, defining events, and approach to engaging with church history.

Dr. Mario Melendez, PhD; Series Editor

Mario Melendez, (PhD New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary) is the Auguie Henry Chair of Biblical Studies at Oklahoma Baptist University. Mario has served in Hispanic, Asian, and English churches. He has also served at NOBTS; Memphis Center for Urban Theological Studies; Victory University (Memphis TN); and Union University. Mario’s research specialties are Biblical Interpretation, Ancient Near Eastern backgrounds and themes, linguistic acquisition, and multi-ethnic psychology and ministry.