The Regarding Bible Study Series

The Regarding Bible Study series offers 8-Lesson Bible Studies that walk small groups through whole books of the Bible. The series investigates the theological meaning of the Scriptures by seeking what the passage reveals about God’s character, essence, actions, and desires. Each lesson challenges participants to think how Christians should respond to what is being revealed about God and then helps participants apply this response in specific ways to their life.

People to encounter God through the Scriptures and are transformed by these encounters. Encountering God allows us to emulate God’s character, see the world from God’s perspective, and love what God loves. The Regarding Bible Study series seeks to guide participants into a maturing faith by balancing theological content with real life application for today.

Larger books of the Bible are treated in multiple volumes to give your small groups the flexibility to take a break from long studies or to charge on all year long.

Forthcoming titles:

Regarding Amos by Dennis Mack.

Regarding Ezekiel by Mario Melendez.

Regarding Colossians by John M. Lewis.

Regarding Galatians by Daniel Blake Hulsey.

Regarding Genesis 1-11 by Graham Michael.

Regarding Habakkuk by Mario Melendez.

Regarding Judges by Matt Akers.

Regarding 1 Corinthians by Brady Collier.

Regarding 2 Timothy by Graham Michael.