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Walk Like A Man by Field Thigpen.
We are excited to announce the release of Field Thigpen’s first book. It is a six-week devotional for men designed to help men be the spiritually attuned husbands, fathers, and sons that God has called them to be.

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We are a publishing company dedicated to producing quality works in Christian history, theology, and biblical studies. Our goal is to help foster the love of God with the mind. We hope that such an endeavor will also lead to the love of neighbor because our conviction is that the fruits of solid research and interpretation are more open, thoughtful, and generous individuals. Check out the Editors’ Corner for essays and other posts explaining more about who we are.


New Releases

Walk Like A Man: A Path Toward Spiritual Maturity by Field Thigpen

Walk Like A Man: A Path Toward Spiritual Maturity is a six-week devotional book for men. Field draws upon his ministry experience counseling and mentoring others to speak to the heart of men’s uncertainties about identity, leading, and serving others. This book is not simply for young Christians seeking to mature in their faith. Thigpen writes for people who have lived, suffered, and lost. Walk Like A Man pushes the reader to continue maturing spiritually despite setbacks. Thigpen speaks to people in broken circumstances and points them towards God’s desire to restore peace in the midst of trials.

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Upcoming Titles


The following titles in systematic, historical, or practical theology are forthcoming:

The Table that Unites by J. Rudder Jenkins.

In The Table that Unites: Combating a Divisive Culture, Rudder examines our increasingly polarized society as people entrench in divisive attitudes over religious, political, and social issues. Rudder reflects on a decade of conversations and relationships that have been impacted by the Gospel through one simple spiritual gift: hospitality. Sharing meals with people who differ from us builds connections that allow us to care about what they care about and for others to care about what we care about. Hosting people in your home allows for guards to be lowered, stories to be shared, laughter to unite, and entries to be passed. Join Rudder as he explores the possibility of overcoming the vitriolic tones of social media and click-bait news articles with shared meals and real human interaction. 

Coming 2020.

Biblical Studies

The following titles in Biblical studies are forthcoming:

Why Psalm 23 is Not About You by Robert Cole

In this updated edition of Why Psalm 23 Is Not About You: Regarding Psalm 23 in Its Context, Dr. Cole reveals linguistic and thematic patterns in the Psalter that demonstrates a continuity of meaning from Psalm 1 through Psalm 24. Particular attention is given to the meaning of Psalm 23 and it’s surrounding Psalms. Fans of canonical studies and lovers of the Psalter will enjoy this quick, but thought provoking read. 

Coming Spring 2020!


Isaiah 7:14 – Why Matthew Was Right by Robert Cole.

The Torah’s Infants: Abortion and the Status of the Unborn in the Pentateuch by Robert Cole


The Dead Mentors Library

The Dead Mentors Library offers biographies of figures from Church History, modern accounts of significant events from Church History, and popular editions of classic Christian works with commentary for modern people. Read about the turbulent life of Athanasius of Alexandria and then read his opus On the Incarnation with “so what” commentary to challenge the way you think about God, Christ, salvation, daily life as a Christian, discipleship, and the end times.

The best mentors are dead mentors. Dead mentors never miss coffee or let you down. You know all their faults right up front.

If you want a guide through major figures in church history or enjoy a biography that “tells the story,” then the Dead Mentors Library is for you.

Ambrose of Milan: A Biography by Coleman Ford

On the Duties of the Clergy by Ambrose of Milan (Dead Mentors Commentary on the Church Fathers). Edited by Coleman Ford.

Athanasius of Alexandria: The Nicene Lion by John M. Lewis.

Athanasius of Alexandria stood for Christ against emperors, heretics, and constant exiles. This biography of Athanasius demonstrates the political intrigue surrounding the plots against Athanasius as he sought to serve the people of his Egyptian church and maintain the purity of faith for the whole of the Church.


On the Incarnation by Athanasius of Alexandria (Dead Mentors Commentary on the Church Fathers). Edited by John M. Lewis.

Athanasius of Alexandria’s opus, On the Incarnation, is presented in a popular reader’s format with modern commentary that points out how modern Christians should be challenged and impacted by Athanasius’ teaching on Christ.

Coming Soon.

Augustine of Hippo: A Biography by Coleman Ford

Confessions by Augustine (Dead Mentors Commentary on the Church Fathers). Edited by Coleman Ford.
Coming 2021.

Erasmus: Dying in the Land of Moab by Daniel Blake Hulsey.

Erasmus of Rotterdam wanted to both reform the Church and maintain unity. In the polarized times of the Protestant Reformation, Erasmus was initially courted by both sides. In a tragic turn, he was eventually abandoned by the major authority figures among the Protestants and the Roman Catholics. He serves as a warning to those who try to hold the middle between two extreme sides. He is also a beacon as Erasmus’ story champions the need for nuance in theology and politics for all who seek peace and unity. 

Coming Soon.

We are looking for new authors to contribute to this series. Please look at our submission guidelines and contact us if you are interested. We are particularly interested in works dealing with the following figures:

Cyril of Alexandria
Gregory of Nazianzus
Ignatius and Polycarp

Regarding Bible Study Series

The Regarding Bible Study series offers 8-Lesson Bible Studies that walk small groups through whole books of the Bible.

The Regarding Bible Study series investigates the theological meaning of the Scriptures by seeking what the passage reveals about God’s character, essence, actions, and desires. Each lesson challenges participants to think how Christians should respond to what is being revealed about God and then helps participants apply this response in specific ways to their life.

The Regarding Bible study series expects people to encounter God through the Scriptures and be transformed by these encounters. Encountering God allows us to emulate God’s character, see the world from God’s perspective, and love what God loves. The Regarding Bible Study series seeks to guide participants into a maturing faith by balancing theological content with real life application for today.

Larger books of the Bible are treated in multiple volumes to give your small groups the flexibility to take a break from long studies or to charge on all year long.

Regarding Amos by Dennis Mack.

Coming 2020.

Regarding Colossians by John M. Lewis.

Coming 2020.

Regarding Galatians by Daniel Blake Hulsey.

Coming 2020.

Regarding 1 Corinthians by Brady Collier.

The Regarding Bible Study Series has additional titles forthcoming on . . .

I Peter.


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  • A brief introduction that explains your interest in the topic. Be sure to include any relevant experience, education, or research that has bolstered your knowledge and prepared you to write about the topic.
  • What is the primary research question that is driving your project?
  • Include your primary thesis in answer to the above question.
  • Also include a structural outline detailing how you plan to address the research question and explain your thesis. This can include short chapter summaries if you have gotten that far in your project.
  • Finally, include a working bibliography (the 1250 word limit noted above does not apply to bibliographic material).

Save the document using the format [your last name]_[your project name].pdf and email it to submissions@collegeandclayton.com.

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