The Dead Mentors Library

The Dead Mentors Library offers biographies of figures from Church History, modern accounts of significant events from Church History, and popular editions of classic Christian works with commentary for modern people. Read about the turbulent life of Athanasius of Alexandria and then read his opus On the Incarnation with “so what” commentary to challenge the way you think about God, Christ, salvation, daily life as a Christian, discipleship, and the end times.

Forthcoming Titles:


Athanasius of Alexandria: The Nicene Lion by John M. Lewis.

Balthasar Hubmaier: A Biography by Michael J. Whitlock

Erasmus: Dying in the Land of Moab by Daniel Blake Hulsey.

Menno Simons: A Biography by Michael J. Whitlock

Readers for Significant Works:

On the Duties of the Clergy by Ambrose of Milan. Edited by Coleman Ford.

On the Incarnation by Athanasius of Alexandria. Edited by John M. Lewis.

Confessions by Augustine. Edited by Coleman Ford.

We are looking for new authors to contribute to this series. Please look at our submission guidelines and contact us if you are interested. We are particularly interested in works dealing with the following figures:

Cyril of Alexandria
Gregory of Nazianzus
Ignatius and Polycarp

The best mentors are dead mentors. Dead mentors never miss coffee or let you down. You know all their faults right up front. If you want a guide through major figures in church history or enjoy a biography that “tells the story,” then the Dead Mentors Library is for you.