Author Spotlight: Daniel Palmer

College and Clayton Press is excited to announce an upcoming project by Daniel Palmer.

Daniel Palmer is a graduate from Virginia Tech (BA, MPA) and Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary (MDiv). Previously, Daniel served at SEBTS as the director of financial development. Currently, Daniel serves as the lead pastor at North Roanoke Baptist Church in Roanoke, VA. Daniel is married to his childhood sweetheart Stacie. They have two kids, Elizabeth and Samuel. 

In his current project, Bethlehem’s Redeemer: Seeing Jesus in the Book of Ruth, Daniel creates a Bible study for small groups or individual study that emphasizes the Messianic and salvific content contained in Ruth. Within the introduction, Daniel offers a practical, theologically-minded hermeneutic for his readers to trace and emulate his method as he deploys it through the text of Ruth. 

Check back soon for further announcements and a sample of Bethlehem’s Redeemer.

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