Author Spotlight: Ashley Lyon

College and Clayton Press is proud to announce an upcoming project with Dr. Ashley Lyon.

Ashley E. Lyon was born and raised in Annapolis, Maryland. She dabbled in the sciences, researching medicinal plants before shifting to studying the Hebrew language. She holds a Ph.D. in the Hebrew Bible from the University of Birmingham in England, a M.A. in Biblical Studies from Southern California Seminary, and a B.S. in Plant Biology from North Carolina State University. She currently serves as an Adjunct Professor of Hebrew at Truett McConnell University in Cleveland, GA. Her research interests include Hebrew poetry, Dead Sea Scrolls, Archaeology of Qumran, Aramaic Incantations, and Jewish Magic. 

Ashley’s new title offers an expanded examination of the term Selah.

Selah, an obscure term in the Psalter and Habakkuk, has commonly been the subject of discussion regarding its meaning and use. Many 19th century scholars have spent countless hours, and devoted many pages, to remove Selah from obscurity. Only now have we revealed a previously undiscovered clue in Selah’s use during the Second Temple period due to 20th century archaeological finds. The present work approaches each text with a “whole picture” perspective to examine each psalm and Selah occurrence in its immediate context. Many scholars believed that Selah was simply an instruction for the musical director, but new evidence from the Dead Sea Scrolls suggests that it was a live term in the Second Temple period. 

If you are interested in studies in the Psalm and Minor Prophets, theology and practice of worship, and studies in Hebrew you won’t want to miss Ashley’s new title.

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