Author Spotlight: Coleman Ford

College and Clayton Press is proud to introduce you to Dr. Coleman Ford.

Dr. Coleman Ford is founder and editor of the Center of Ancient Christian Studies and Fides et Humilitas: The Journal of the Center for Ancient Christian Studies. He holds a Ph.D. in Church History and a Th.M. in Spirituality from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He also holds a Th.M. in Historical Theology from Dallas Theological Seminary. He currently serves as Assistant Professor of Christian Formation and Director of Professional Doctoral Studies at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, TX. His research interests include the theology and spirituality of Augustine of Hippo, the transcendentals (truth, goodness, beauty) in the patristic tradition, virtue and ethics in the patristic tradition, Christianity in late antiquity, and the history of Christian spirituality.  He has contributed numerous chapters, articles, and reviews in the areas of history and spirituality. His dissertation on Augustine of Hippo’s practice of friendship will be published by Lexham Press and available in 2021.

He is married to Alexandria and they have two children. He loves spending time with his family, reading, writing, talking over good coffee, and conversing on all things Irish (where he has dual-citizenship).

Coleman will be working on several titles on the Dead Mentors Library series. Dr. Ford will contribute a biography on Augustine as well as commentaries on Confessions and Augustine’s ethical and martial writings. He is also scheduled to write a biography of Ambrose of Milan and a commentary on On the Duties of the Clergy.

You can follow Coleman on Twitter @colemanford and

Check back soon to see more announcements about Coleman’s projects and additional titles in the Dead Mentors Library.

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