Author Spotlight: Graham Michael

College and Clayton Press is pleased to announce the addition of Dr. Graham Michael to our Regarding the Bible series.

Graham is married to Susan and they have four wonderful kids. He and his wife are members at Exchange Church (Rolesville, NC), where they serve in small group and prayer ministry. Graham earned his PhD at Trinity College, Bristol (University of Aberdeen) in Old Testament Studies, and currently teaches Bible, Greek, and Humanities at St. David’s School (Raleigh, NC). 

Graham is writing Regarding Genesis 1-11 and Regarding II Timothy in our Regarding the Bible series.

The Regarding the Bible series emphasizes theological interpretive methods to provide lessons that key in on knowing God more by investigating God’s actions, character, desires, and nature. Each lesson offers ways all Christians should respond to God in light of who He is and discussion questions to promote personal application of this response in your life right now.

Check back soon for additional titles by Graham and our next titles in the Regarding the Bible series.

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