Write for us!

As a publisher that specializes in works concerning Christian history, theology, and Biblical studies, we are open and excited to hear new ideas and proposals related to those topics.

To submit your proposal, please prepare a document (1250 words or less) in pdf format that includes all of the following:

  • A brief introduction that explains your interest in the topic. Be sure to include any relevant experience, education, or research that has bolstered your knowledge and prepared you to write about the topic.
  • What is the primary research question that is driving your project?
  • Include your primary thesis in answer to the above question.
  • Also include a structural outline detailing how you plan to address the research question and explain your thesis. This can include short chapter summaries if you have gotten that far in your project.
  • Finally, include a working bibliography (the 1250 word limit noted above does not apply to bibliographic material).

Save the document using the format [your last name]_[your project name].pdf and email it to

If you have already started writing your project, you can submit a sample of your work (5,000 words or less) in pdf format along with your proposal. Save this file with the format “sample_ [your last name]_[your project name].pdf.” Please note that the attachments must be under 5 mb in size.