Author Spotlight: Dr. Robert Yost

College and Clayton is excited to be partnering with Dr. Robert Yost in his upcoming title 100 Books That Every Christian Should Read: A Lifetime Reading Plan for Christ-Followers.

Robert A. Yost (Ph.D., D.Min.) has been Vice President of Academic Affairs Emeritus at Charlotte Christian College and Theological Seminary since his retirement in 2014. He married his “dream girl” Tess in 1994 and has three adult sons who currently live in Charlotte, NC, and England. He has a passion for biblical studies and for sharing his knowledge with others.

Bob and Tess Yost

His previously published books are Leadership Secrets from the Proverbs, The Pastor’s Library: An Annotated Bibliography of Biblical and Theological Resources for Ministry, and The Layperson’s Library: Essential Bible Study Tools for the Man and Woman in the Pew. He enjoys reading, watching old movies, and playing competitive tournament-level horseshoes, Scrabble, and Chess.

Bob has observed that many Christians are not serious readers. Often what they do read, if indeed they read books at all, is the equivalent of fast food: quick and tasty, but virtually void of nutrition. In 100 Books That Every Christian Should Read: A Lifetime Reading Plan for Christ-Followers, Dr. Yost challenges those who are Christ-followers to be more discriminating in their reading habits and to acquaint themselves with the best Christian books written.

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