Author Spotlight: Rudder Jenkins

College and Clayton Press is proud to announce an upcoming project with Dr. Rudder Jenkins. Rudder recently defended his doctoral thesis on Christological connecting points within Judaism, Christianity, and Islam at SOAS, University of London (2019). Rudder currently lives in Brooklyn, NY with his wife and soon to be born child. 

In The Table that Unites: Combating a Divisive Culture, Rudder examines our increasingly polarized society as people entrench in divisive attitudes over religious, political, and social issues. Rudder reflects on a decade of conversations and relationships that have been impacted by the Gospel through one simple spiritual gift: hospitality. Sharing meals with people who differ from us builds connections that allow us to care about what they care about and for others to care about what we care about. Hosting people in your home allows for guards to be lowered, stories to be shared, laughter to unite, and entries to be passed. Join Rudder as he explores the possibility of overcoming the vitriolic tones of social media and click-bait news articles with shared meals and real human interaction. 

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